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    PSE12 Issue: Clicking the Text tool causes an error


      Hello Community,


      just recently Photoshop Elements 12 causes an error when clicking the text tool.

      The error and possible solutions can be found here:

      Error message when using the Text tool

      Even though this article refers to PSE 14, not 12, I tried all of the solutions.

      MY PROBLEM: Solutions 1, 2 and 4 did not work out. Solution 3: "Delete the font cache (Photoshop Elements)" is missing the information as to where the "CT Font Cache" Folder can be found for PSE12 (TWELVE!), Windows 10. For all I've searched for, there seems to be no CT Font Cache Folder at all. Where is the font cache for PSE12, Windows 10?

      I'd be delighted if someone here can help me.


      Best regards,