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    Photoshop CC zoom behavior

    DHStudio Level 1

      I'm having a problem with Photoshop CC's zoom behavior.


      I have my preferences set so the window resizes When I zoom into and out of a photo, Photoshop CC includes the artboard beyond the photo's edges as it enlarges the window to fit what should be the zoomed-in image. I can click on Navigator and have the photo correctly fill the entire enlarged window space.


      Same problem when zooming out: Click on the photo, the window resizes correctly, but a large unneeded section of the artboard shows up with the image. A click on Navigator fixes it. I've attached images of this behavior, if that helps.


      It's a behavior I never had with CS5 (which I recently stopped using) and it's rather annoying. I've tried a variety of changes to the zoom preferences, but nothing's worked. Any advice about how to get Photoshop zoom top behave? Thanks in advance.


      1 Photo normal.png image at start


      2 Photo zoom.png zoom in, window resizes properly but image not centered and artboard appears

      3 Navigator click after zoom in.png one click on Navigator, image is properly zoomed and centered


      4 Zoom out.png zoom out, again photo's not centered, artboard appears

      5 Navigator click after zoom out.png again, one click on Navigator, image is properly zoomed out and centered

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Of course you did not have the problem in cs5. CS5 does not have Artboards.  Artboards where added in CC 2015. I use CC 2014 don't have Artboards I do not need them. All zooming does not resize the Image window I find. For example when I zoom with my mouse wheel the Image windows does not resize.



          Try zooming with a mouse wheel you may be able to zoom the way  you want if the Image window is like fit to display size.

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            DHStudio Level 1

            OK, perhaps they weren't called artboards — thought I'd use the same term Illustrator uses for clarity — but when I zoomed in CS5, it only zoomed on the image and showed as much as possible within the window, no "artboard" at all. CC, meanwhile, seems to include a lot of the artboard and ignores centering it within the window, which seems like a waste of time. (Unlike with Illustrator, I've never used the space beyond the image in Photoshop.)


            So is there any way to get the more efficient (at least to me) CS5-type zoom in CC?

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Versions of Photoshop before CC 2015 do not have artboards.  You do not have to use Artboards in your CC documents.


              Try setting your CC Preferences to zoom with mouse wheel and see if that zooming will help you out some.



              Also all version of Photoshop support any size layer layers can extent beyond the document canvas I find there are times I need to extend the image window to show area outside the document canvas so I can transform layers.



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                DHStudio Level 1

                I went through checking and unchecking zoom preferences in different combinations, but I'll try that one again when I return to Photoshop.


                And the problem is that zooming in or out shows the space beyond the document canvas — in fact, it shows too much of it, with the image off center — which never happened before. Previously, zooming would resize the window to the edge of the canvas (or as close as possible if the image was larger than the screen) and nothing more. A more useful behavior that I'd like to get back.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  If you have zoom resizes windows I would think the window resized and become smallet only the dicument canvas area would be displayed if your editing a window.  If you editing in tabs or do not use zoom resize window you would see border area outside the canvas.   I edit in windows my windows resize down and up with zooming like touch zooming  or use shortcts like Ctrl++  CTRL+-.   Scroll wheel zooming does not resize windows.


                  Even in old version like CS3 if you edit in max screen mode when you zoom out you will see area out side of canvas.


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                    Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                    If you go to Photoshop CC>Preferences>Tools, do you have Overscroll checked?


                    If so, uncheck Overscroll and see if the zooming works any better.




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                      DHStudio Level 1

                      Looks like that's the correct answer, tried it with a couple of photos and it works so far. Thanks!

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                        JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                        I think most do not use overscroll and I believe Adobe default is not to use it. Photoshop Zooming Panning and Scrolling options are very good..

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                          honorm76400537 Level 1

                          Thank you! I had to start fresh with CC on a new machine, and I was having the devil of a time finding where the setting was.