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    Farbkorrektur einer Person im Club (Licht, Geflacker)

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      Hallo liebe Adobe-Community,


      seit längerem beschäftigt mich die Frage, wie es manche Leute hinbekommen, einer Person im Club ihre menschliche Farbe zurückzugeben, statt sie einfach nur in Rot/Grün/Blau mit den Lichtern flackern zu lassen. Bei diesem Bild Beispielsweise verfärbt das Disco-Licht die Haut sowie Pult rötlich, und auch wenn ich die Hand selektiere und noch so sehr mit der Farbkorrektur herumspiele: Eine Hautfarbe kommt nicht zu Stande. Screenshot_1.png

      Suma sumarum: Wie korrigiere ich in Richtung Hautfarbe? Danke für die Hilfe


      Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Stage lights are usually far removed from any normal spectral distribution. It's not just a question of white balance.


          Here you have several such lights of different color. Even if you could correct one, the others would stand out that much more.


          So this isn't a question about color management, it's about color correction, and a tricky one at that. It might be possible with a lot of intricate masking, but make no mistake: this is a lot of tedious manual work, and you'll have a hard time getting a convincing and credible result. You might try in the Photoshop forum.

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Just to give you an idea (this is not an attempt at correcting the image).


            White balancing the top of the turntable - assuming it is supposed to be more or less neutral - causes blues and cyans to completely explode. Dialing blue and cyan saturation almost all the way down gives this:




            Hardly very natural skin color...

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional


              This is one of those times when the video colorists have the advantage over the photographers. They have the scopes to do color correction. I imported the image to After Effects and zoomed in to the back of the hand. The YUV vectorscope looks like this :



              The faint diagonal line running top left to bottom right is the aim line for skin tones. Suprisingly that skin tone line works regardless of the person's colour. So, using a curve, I upped the green to bring that tone across, and dialled up the saturation slightly:



              Unfortunately we don't have the same controls in Photoshop but we do have curves so a similar boost in green and minor increase in saturation will do the same job but without the scope it is down to eyeballing it.


              Edit to add : I am not suggesting doing Photoshop colour correction in After Effects - I just wish we had the scopes.