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    Account has been blocked

    Liubov Chuiko

      Hi there,


      The link to my portfolio Liubov photos, images, assets | Adobe Stock  became inactive today, and I'm unable to access the Contributor website at all, even to open a support ticket. Before this I recieved 5 messages with reminder of model release (model release was uploaded and is correct) then I recieved message about blocking my account. I am unpleasantly surprised that it was done without any prior notice. And what about my unpaid comission? I am sure we'll be able to resolve the issue even if we did something wrong, but since the system is new, I'm confident that this is just a misunderstanding.


      Please let me know the next steps to resolve these issues.




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          marog-pixcells Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Liubov

          It is probably just a misunderstanding or the matter has been resolved.

          If your account is locked, you and all customers will not have access

          to the portfolio. I was able to reach your portfolio today and yesterday

          without any problems under the link you mentioned.




          I wish you every success with AdobeStock!



          Best regards,


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            Jessi Zou

            Hi Liubov


            Thanks for sharing your problem. I hope the problem had been solved. Because 10 minutes ago  I just received an email from Adobe said that my account has been blocked after I resubmitted model releases for my photos. I emailed the Adobe team asked if I made any mistake, haven't heard back from them yet. Wondering if you have ever gotten an explanation from Adobe so I know what's going on with my account.


            Many thanks,