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    problems between iPhone en samsung view


      hello, i'm getting crazy about a simple site...


      i have made it with the 2017-1 version...on an iPhone everything works...on a s7 samsung im getting pictures behind text, a totally different view..

      in the meanwhile i have 7 breakpoints, on 320, 414, 568, 768, 1200 and 1400...this ain't working.


      i would like to have a breakpoint (or 2/3) for all devices...does someone knows where the problems starts?




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          Preran Adobe Employee

          First of all, you do not create breakpoints based on the dimensions of a device, that goes against the very principle of responsive design. You create a design starting from a max-width or min-width, and then work your way downwards or upwards. You create a breakpoint at a place where you design starts to break down. That way you ensure that your design works well across multiple devices.


          About your specific site, publish it to Business Catalyst and post the URL here for others to test and provide suggestions.