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    File export as pdf doesn´t work


      Hey there!

      Something strange is happening. Usually the File Export from Draw as a pdf into the CC File Folder always works. I´m using this way to export my drawings to Illustrator, because sending it directly to the desktop application is slower and sometimes the file just never arrives...


      So now I have this drawing of some fern leaves. (exported much more complicate drawings with more strokes and layers before)...but when I want to get the fern into Illustrator it does not work. I already reduced the drawing to one layer but it always says "Fehler beim Kopieren auf Creative Cloud. Versuchen Sie es erneut." Which means "Error while uploading to CC, Try it again." So I tried it again and again but it´s always the same.

      I also tried to copy the layer into another existing drawing, with which the export worked perfectly fine, but I couldn´t outwit the mistake... since the fern layer appeared in the drawing, it also can´t be sent / exported to Illustrator.

      And even stranger: the export as PSD file works. But I need the Vector File...


      PS: I don´t have a "mobile creation" button in Illustrator. I had it, but it somehow dissappeared.

      Illustrator and Draw are updated to the latest version.


      I would be so happy if somebody could help me and I don´t have to draw those leaves again...


      Thanks in advance! And a good evening!


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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Conny.


          I'm sorry it's not working as it should. Can you send me a link to the project through the in-app feedback (in the app, tap Settings then Send Feedback) and I can try to see if I can get it exported as a PDF for you.


          Here's how to send me a link:

          * Open the drawing you want to share (you should be able to see your drawing tools)

          * Tap the Share icon (square with an arrow) in the upper nav and choose Share Link to Project

          * Send that link to me through the app.


          I'll keep an eye out for it.




          P.S. About the Mobile Creations tab: The Illustrator team was thinking of removing it. And had started to. From some users. My understanding though is that it will be put back in to the app (I'm not sure when; hopefully with the next update).

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            lolalux Level 1

            Hi Sue!

            Thanks a lot for looking at it!

            I will send you the link.