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    Processes - Nuts and bolts

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      I'm wondering about the processes we are trying to eliminate. There are mentions of processes in various threads, I thought maybe we could do some comparisons here.


      When I first saw Bill Gehrke processes tab with 62 processes I was feeling confident - but I was looking at my Windows 7 install at that point and I was down around the same number. However, my newish 6850k build using Windows 10 - is +30 on that or at 92 about 5 minutes after a fresh reboot. My Task Manager / processes screen is below.


      I was feeling better about my system when I discovered just recently that Windows (also just recently) now counts the processes differently. This is a change to Windows 10, but not until the "Creators Edition" / 1703 was released. It seems the processes were "grouped" previously so the count was smaller but since the 1703 (started rolling out in April, 2017 the processes are all started individually: Here's what MS said:

      "Separating SvcHost services
      Beginning with Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703), services that were previously grouped will instead be separated - each will run in its own SvcHost process. This change is automatic for systems with more than 3.5 GB of RAM running the Client Desktop SKU. On systems with 3.5 GB or less RAM, we'll continue to group services into a shared SvcHost process...


      ...The total number of service instances and the resulting memory utilization varies depending on activity. Instance counts can typically range from approximately 17-21 for grouped services, and 67-74 for separated services."


      So, to get to the bottom of 'how many processes do you have running' we need to know not just the number of processes, but your OS and if Win10 if you are running version 1703 or higher...


      Here's my Windows 10 version 1703 - processes screen with 92 processes running - Below is the link to the MS article I quoted above.

      Here's a link to 07/19/2017 MS Article on new Services Grouping:
      Service Host service refactoring in Windows 10 version 1703 | Microsoft Docs