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    Using sampleclient from mac

    NP Petteri Paananen Level 1



      I´m starting to test Indesign Server (CC 2017) with sampleclient. I have my InDesign Server on Windows server. It seems to work pretty nice if I use sampleclient from localhost or another windows computer but I can´t get it work from Mac terminal... did I miss something?


      I have downloaded sampleclient on my mac´s desktop and used following command


      /Users/petteri.paananen/Desktop/sampleclient -host xxx.xxx.x.xxx:12351 -server C:\Users\studioadmin\Documents\hello1.jsx


      After a while I get timeout with this alert:

      SOAP 1.1 fault: SOAP-ENV:Client [no subcode]

      "Operation timed out"

      Detail: connect failed in tcp_connect()


      I have InDesign Server running on port 12351 and similar command works if I use it on Windows...


      Any ideas? All the tips are highly appreciated... =)