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    LIVE Q&A with Digital Puppets Every Tuesday at 9pm Youtube

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      It's Tuesday, which means another live cartoon show from the Digital Puppet studio. In previous episodes we have interviewed CH Dave Werner, Frederator and soon we are interviewing Aardman and talking to Dan Ramirez about the latest updates to Character Animator but tonight, hosts Scott and Ant, will be interviewing a fellow Adobe Character Animator operated presenter who goes by the name Mr Brown and who hosts the Youtube channels Sketchflix, Setsumei and Kaijukojo, where he entertains, informs and educates his fans. As always our show begins at 9pm UK time, and if you follow this link www.youtube.com/digitalpuppets/live you will be able to watch the show when it goes live and it will give you a countdown to start in your local time zone.

      Tonight we will also be discussing YOUTUBE Live Verses FACEBOOK LIVE. Which is better for your live cartoon show?

      As always, if you have any questions for our guest or for ourselves, please feel free to post the question below, for us to answer later, or post the question live during the show.

      See you later
      Digital Puppets

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