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    Open folder from mac flash projector from a CD... not working

      I know there are many posts out there about this, but for some reason it's not working for me. I thought I was doing everything right, so I'm hoping the smart people of this forum could help.

      Flash stand alone projector interface has links that open folders and a website that is local on the cd.

      What I've done
      I wrote an applescript that opens the folder. I saved as an application and checked the run and unchecked the others. named it "openpdf"

      I placed this file in the "fscommand" folder. This folder is on the same level as my projector. In this folder I have some ini and exe files for the pc side (which works by the way)

      in flash I wrote on the button:
      on (release) {
      fscommand("exec", "openpdf");