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    RH7 Published output missing TOC

    LolaLittle Level 1
      I recently upgraded from x5 to RH7 with Server 7.
      I generate WebHelp Pro content.
      There are some topics in my project that are flagged "Version 2" and a few lines at the text level are also flagged "Version 2". None of the TOC books are flagged with any build tags.
      When I generate the project with the coniditional build tag set to "Not Verion 2" (meaning it should generate all topics and content that is not flagged version 2) -the generated output shows the TOC - and then if I take it all the way to the publish step - the published output does not show the TOC .

      If I generate and publish with the conditional build tag "Version 2" (basically meaning it should include all content) - then I can see the TOC in the generated and published output.

      (Side note: I also have build takes for Online and Print - but these are rarely used and do not seem to be involved in the problem described above.)

      I am viewing the output in IE7 - but since I can see the TOC in the generated output and not in the published output - I think the problem is not with the browser.....