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    Using Shopify buy button in Muse


      I have designed an ecommerce site with the intention of using Shopify Buy Buttons. When I paste the Shopify embed code into the relevant page it (usually) displays correctly, however, there are problems with previewing in browser, usually we get a blank page opening. When I export to HTML and upload the files to the web the page with the buy button on it usually displays correctly and you can click 'Save to cart'. Then, if you try to go back or refresh the page it goes blank.


      Also, in another page the buy button has pushed parts of the design out of their correct location.


      The link to Shopify seems to work fine,  the cart opens, you can go to checkout, etc. but the problem is the way if affects our Muse designed site.


      I looked at the QooQue widget but could not download it.


      Any advice or can anyone direct me to a tutorial or any software that will solve the problem.