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    Converting duotone to CMYK for print


      I have a full colour RGB image of an explosion of mulitple paint colours on a black background. I want to change the explosion of colours to our brand teal green colour, with the background C 0%, M 0%, Y 0%, B 100%.


      I have converted the RGB image to greyscale and then to duotone. Then set up my two inks. A 100% black and a CMYK teal green colour.


      The image will be professionally printed. To avoid any problems with the duotone I want to convert it to CMYK. But when I do this, the black background becomes C 91%, M 79%, Y 62%, B 97%.


      This is way too much ink density.


      I was hoping that the the black would simply stay C 0, M 0, Y 0, B 100%.  i.e. overprint / knockout the teal green that is 'behind' it. Instead the two inks (the black and teal green) and combining, making the black unprintable.


      1. Any idea how I convert the duotone to CMYK without the black ink density becoming unprintable?


      2. Or how I change the colours in the explosion to our brand colour (without using a duotone) and the rgb background to a solid CMYK (100%K) black


      Thank you



      ps. I've tried converting the RGB image to greyscale and then importing it into InDesign and then changing the background colour to our brand teal green. This works, but it doesn't look at good as the duotone.