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    FTP appears to be broken with upgrade to High Sierra.

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      I've just upgraded to OS X High Sierra and my publish plugin has stopped working. It appears to connect but fails when trying to put a file. Some research shows that Apple seem to have ditched FTP entierly in favour of SFTP. I can't be sure that this is what's at the root of the issue however no code has been touched since the last time it was working, before the OS X upgrade. Lightroom is fully up to date.


      I'm now testing using MAMP locally and I know these things:


      * The plugin can LrFtp.create() to the MAMP ftp server but dies in putFile  - I've had doubts in the past about how reliable the return from create() is; it may not be correctly creating.

      * In a terminal I can sftp to the MAMP ftp server - ftp no longer exists in the bash search path so who knows. However ...

      * Using the Transmit client, I can no longer FTP to the MAMP server but I can SFTP to it.

      * If I set 'sftp' protocol in LrFTP.create() it fails with the not very helpful message "connection to the server failed"

      * LrFtp isn't very helpful when things go wrong, beyond saying, more or less, "something has gone wrong."


      At this point I'm stumped. If anyone has any thoughts they'd be much appreciated.



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          Testing locally using MAMP, got it working by changing protocol to 'sftp' and port number to 22. This suggests to me that I might be right about the return from LrFtp.create() not returning correct results; why would it return a non-null value using 'ftp' on port 21 when that port no longer exists.


          Trying on the live site, sftp, 22 isn't working. Neither is ftp on 21. I'll need to check but it looks like my ISP isn't supporting sftp.


          More when I find it.