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    Flex Component Kit, UIMovieClip and Effects

      Hello, I was currently testing the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 to make my own components for Flex. Everything worked quite fine but I have problems with using effect triggers for my components.
      I simply want to implement triggers like showEffect and hideEffect for my component, so I can quickly decide later in the Flex development what kind of effect to use. After looking at the manual for effects and effect triggers, I tried simply adding the following code lines to my component class:

      [Effect ( name='showEffect', event='show' ) ]
      [Effect ( name='hideEffect', event='hide' ) ]

      After adding the SWC, the Flex Builder quickly noticed both effect triggers but in the end setting the visible property sets the component (in)visible regardless of the effect. However the events are called but just the effect isn't used for making the component (in)visible.
      Is there any way to make the basic effect triggers working with UIMovieClip and subclasses?

      Thank you
      Patrick W.