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    Photoshop is creating & deleting a file each time I save/overwrite (NAS storage overload)


      Hi folks,


      I have discovered a fairly significant yet obscure issue that will probably be affecting anybody working with Photoshop (and possibly other Adobe apps) and saving work onto NAS storage, such as a Synology, and using Recycle Bin on that NAS.


      The NAS Recycle Bin will keep copies (versions) of files as they are deleted, as you would expect. But the issue is that with Photoshop, when you save/overwrite a file (a PSD, jpg, whatever it might be) what Photoshop seems to be doing in the background is:


      1) creating a duplicate file called filename_01.xxx

      2) replacing the original filename.xxx with this file

      3) deleting the no-longer-needed filename_01.xxx file


      So in doing this, the NAS sees a new file being created, then deleted, so it keeps a copy of that file in the NAS' Recycle Bin. So you can see the issue here... imagine you're working on a PSD, and you're saving every few minutes/hours, perhaps 10 or more times per day. Well, now you have 10 x duplicates (all potentially large files) sitting in your NAS' Recycle Bin. This means that instead of that 1 x 600mb PSD you're working on what you actually end up with is your PSD + 6GB of duplicates in your Recycle Bin, which probably won't be Emptied for 2-4 weeks (this is the default schedule for most NAS systems). In this last 2 weeks alone my studio has lost around 600GB space on our NAS storage due to this issue, forcing us to empty the recycle bin far more often that we'd want. Not to mention the massive amounts of unnecessary write/read ops to the NAS drives, which could be reducing their lifespan...


      I'm not sure this is something that the NAS manufacturers can or should have to solve. It would be far better if these temporary files that are being written by Photoshop were being written not to the file's original path such as nas:\\work\project\psds but actually just on C: or some other non-NAS location, so that they don't get picked up by the NAS, ballooning massively. As long as nothing gets deleted on the NAS in the process it should work fine.


      I would suggest that anyone using Photoshop (and maybe other Adobe software too...?) + NAS + NAS Recycle Bin is probably being affected by this issue, so it's worth checking if you're wondering why you're running out of storage space so quickly!