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    Deleted project


      I had (KEY WORD HAD) a project with 2+ years of work on my oc, and when i went to delete one picture it deleted the while project!

      just to put it lightly, im very pissed and have no way to retrieve the art that ive done over the two year period timeline.

      This is my hard work, and now its all down the drain.

      cant you guys do anything about it?

      i refuse to believe that im the only one with this problem and/or complaint.

      i want all of my drawings back! i have some saved, and most of them were commissions which i got payed to do! and if the customer needs their pictures again, i wont be able to provide them, because low and behold i "deleted them all"

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Where are your backups?

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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)




            Adobe Draw and PS Sketch have an archive feature now for accidentally deleted projects (individual drawings are sometimes archived, but not usually).


            If you'd worked over a wifi connection at some point (so your work had a chance to sync to Creative Cloud) then the project should be recoverable in an Archived folder on assets.adobe.com.



            Please log in with your Adobe ID to https://assets.adobe.com/assets/mobile?filter=archive and see if your work is there.


            Hopefully at least some of your work had a chance to sync.



            Let me know how it goes.




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              KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

              After two years, you probably know this, but here's my workflow:


              I often get into a great creative space too, and don't want to stop, but...


              • A good rule of thumb for anyone using software is 'backup', but it's not always the first thing that comes to mind when creating art. Gotta sync the mobile apps too.  Even if you don't have CreativeCloud, you can check your storage allowance (and used portion) in the preferences under "My Account". - You'll notice the "All files synced" if the application has uploaded your last work.
              • It's a good idea to check the Adobe Creative Cloud  http://assets.adobe.com site once a day to make sure it's sync'ing (just like Ctrl+S).
              • If you haven't used the application for a few weeks, the mobile app should ask you to log in again, a good reminder to sync your assets.
              • Send to Illustrator or Photoshop - you can always send work in progress to your CreativeCloud subscription.  This is a good/easy way to back up a file on your desktop, even if you're not ready to finish it in the corresponding applications.


              Hope you can find your projects (or at least a recent save point).

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