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    Why do the Screen mode options change via keys when there is no shortcut?

    Alyssarose Level 1

      I'm mostly making this because I'm pissed right now, but I was working in photoshop, trying to type out a word that started with shift+i, and turns out the text editor did not register my click and started making random things happen in my workspace, which made me end up going into full screen mode with menu bar (under view > screen mode), which was something that had never happened to me before and I was trapped in photoshop and had to look up an answer on my phone. Luckily I found the solution pretty quickly but that's absolute bull that this happened. I went to keyboard shortcuts to try and disable it but to no avail?? there are no keyboard shortcuts for this to happen so why did it? is there no way to disable it? I really don't want to have to go into full-on panic mode again. (note this is NOT where you press tab and then it goes back to normal, I've done that before and tried pressing tab but nothing happened. Personally I think that's bad design)