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    Flash crashes after start up

      Hi, I'm using Flash 8.0 on Windows XP (latest service pack).
      The problem begun with me receiving the Flash file over the internet (from my workplace) to work on at home.
      The minute I opened it in Flash it caused the crash. I'd get the usual Windows pop up saying "There was an error. This application has to close down, would you like to send report to Microsoft". Ever since then I can't use Flash. I can launch it but the second I try creating new cocument it crashes. I tried reinstalling couple of times still doesn't work. I even downloaded latest trial version Flash CS3 and after installing it that file crashed it too, so I re-installed v8.0 but still facing the same problem. On top of that I tried to open that darn file on my laptop and it crashed Flash the same way and now can't use Flash on it either.
      Can anyone help please, not sure what to do I re-installed Flash few times already.