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    Flex/AIR animation demo - New Version

      I've put a new release of AnimDemo here:



      - Migrated to object oriented design (the previous release was a quicks shot)
      - All framework stuff is now in libAnim2D
      - CSceneManager maintains a list of CAnimatableItem objects, animates them and checks for collisions
      - CAnimatableItem now maintains a kind property
      --- Defines e.g. friend- or enemy-ship
      - Additionally, CAnimatableItem keeps a list of kinds with which they can collide
      --- E.g. friend call collide with enemy, enemy can not collide with enemy.
      --- CSceneManager uses these collidable kinds to compute collisions of CAnimatableItems
      - Migrated certain mathematical function to the C2DTools class, which exposes them as statics
      - New class CAnimLabel which appears/disappears periodically
      - Sample code is now kept in the sampleApp folder

      The sample app is now much cleaner, since CSceneManager does the more complex stuff but allows to inject a 'global' animation helper function using the setFrameCallback() method.

      Still, the framework does not implement time-based animation.