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    Word wrapping in row header cell in OLAPDataGrid

      I have an issue with the OLAPDatagrid. Does anyone know how to wrap text in the row header cells?

      (to avoid confusion, i will demonstrate my issue using a grid with 1 row and 1 column dimension).

      OLAPDataGrid has 2 properties: wordWrap, which only seems to affect the data cells, and headerWordWrap which only appears to affect the dimension data across the topmost row.

      However, neither of these properties appear to allow the row dimensions' data to wrap (this is the data in the leftmost column). Not only this, the column does not automatically resize to reveal the data.

      I also can't see how to manually modify the width of the columns as at the point when the olapdatagrid's dataprovider is assigned to the olapresult, the column count is zero.

      any suggestions?