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    Anyone have an issue with superscript automatically changing to subscript in comments?



      I am a copy editor/proofreader, and I work in PDF markups in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.


      Sometimes, I need to copy existing text from a PDF and paste it into a comment to make edits or rearrange the wording. If that copy already contains a special character (em dash, en dash, superscripted number, trademark symbol) or if I need to “clear formatting” because the text is in white, anything I superscript within that copy changes to subscript.


      So for example, if the PDF says:

      It’s easy — just go …


      Now, let’s say this copy is in white in the PDF and I need to add a footnote. I copy the phrase, use the “Add Note to Replace Text” tool, paste the copy, and do Text Style > Clear Formatting. Then I add a “1” after “easy.” If I select the “1” and do Text Style > Superscript or do Ctrl-Shift-+, it superscripts the “1.” However, as soon as I click away from the comment box, the superscripted copy changes to subscript.


      In the above example, I know there would be easier ways to do this, but I am just using a simplified example to make it easier to explain.


      Does this happen to anyone else? Is there any way to stop this from happening?