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    best practices for launching pages

    montana321 Level 1

      Trying to wrap my head about how to go about launching pages from a technical manual in Animate.


      There'd be a button.  You click on that button and within animate a frame would come up showing that content.


      The content would be a section produced in Framemaker or InDesign and might include illustrations or tables and while I'd try to keep it tight, could be up to a couple pages long.


      Between the Framemaker and InDesign there're many different formats to choose from to export in. HTML, PDF, XML, etc.


      Wasn't sure which route to go, or how to go about it.  For example do you swap the content in and out of animate, calling it from an accompanying directory of xml or html files?


      I'm sure this is a common practice, people must be doing what I'm describing all the time, but was having a hard time finding resources that would step through the process.