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    Silent install IE and Chrome

    BigRedEO Level 1

      Technically, I have two questions.  I will be putting Flash Player on an image that will eventually be going out to about 350 offsite locations that will need to use both Chrome and IE.  Will I need both the install_flash_player_27_active_x.exe and the install_flash_player_27_ppapi.exe files?


      Secondly, I need to currently upgrade those offsite locations and my only means to do this is via a batch script.  Last time I had to do this, I used the -install switch for a silent install.  Is that switch still the same?  And will it work for both the IE and the Chrome install files?


      Thank you.

      PS - don't know if this makes a difference, but just in case, these are Windows 7 32 Bit PCs.