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    Trying to locate Plugin file location




      To give some background context, I have installed a 3rd party plugin for Acrobat X Pro, PDFlyer. The most recent version is 12.0.x.x, and it installed without issue. However, Acrobat is loading a different version of the application when launched (V. 10.4.x.x). I have installed this on two other servers and it worked totally fine without issue, but for some reason this third one is referencing this plugin from somewhere else and taking precedence over the new version. I confirmed that deleting the current version of the PDFlyer plugin from the plug_ins folder has no bearing on how Acrobat loads, as it still references that old version of PDFlyer. I have also tried a full uninstall/reinstall of Acrobat X, but it somehow is still referencing it. Acrobat is fully up to date as well.


      Is there any way to run some sort of report to show where a plugin is being located from? If I can find the file location of this old version, I think I can fix the rest without issue.