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    Copied Clip Starting outside sequence work area

    marshalls80605145 Level 1

      So when I copy and past a clip it will past to the exact time as when I copied it, so to say if the clip started at 3 minutes and 15 sec and I copy and paste it to a new composition it will put it at 3 minutes and 15 sec.

      But if my composition I am copying it to is only 10 sec I normally have to go to the composition setting to extend the time of it then  I find the clip, drag it down to the work area I want It to be and then retime the composition so when I move that composition inside another one I am not dealing with unnecessary time to trim.

      Is there an easier way or a short-cut to move a clip to the starting of a composition?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I assume you mean copy a layer, not copy a clip.


          If you copy a layer and paste it using the keyboard shortcut Alt/Option + Ctrl/Cmnd + v it will paste at the current time.


          If you want to move a layer's in point to the CTI (current time indicator) you can use the [, the ] moves the out point to the CTI. Adding Alt/Option to the square bracket key sets a new in or out point for a layer.


          If you have a "home" key Alt/Option  + home will move a layer to the start of a composition. If you are on a laptop with a function key the function key usually changes the arrow keys to the home / end keys on a numeric keyboard. If it works then Function + Alt/Option + left arrow will also move a layer to the start of a composition. If you cannot get the that to work you can always move the CTI to the start of the comp and use the [ key.


          These are all in the Keyboard shortcuts and in the help files and should be part of your usual workflow.