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    Zoom Marquee Tool Not behavior?


      In the past when I used zoom marquee tool, I would do the following: Click the zoom tool and then drag a marquee to indicate the area that should be magnified.


      It not working.


      Someone posted that if you uncheck preference ->GPU Performance -> Animated Zoom return the zoom tool to the old behavior (drawing a marquee around what to zoom in on)


      How do you do this in Adobe Acrobat?  Is there a better way to fix this?

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          AnandSri Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Chrisp,


          As per the issue description above, the Marquee Zoom Tool is not working, and you want to change the GPU performance settings in Acrobat, Is that correct?


          The GPU performance settings is an OS based setting, and the edit feature of GPU performance is not available in Adobe Acrobat/Reader.


          You can check for any pending updates of Acrobat/Reader from Help>Check for updates.

          You can also repair the installation files of Acrobat/Reader from Help>Repair installation.


          If the issue still persists, please share the following details:

          • Do you get the Marquee Zoom option when you right-click  in the PDF?
          • Is it Acrobat or the free desktop version of Adobe Reader is installed?
          • Check the Dot version of Acrobat or Reader from Help>About Adobe...
          • Is it a Mac or Windows machine?


          Keep us posted with the results.


          Anand Sri.