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    In the Javascript how do I change the fontfamily and size when using the "if (!event.value) {      event.value = "Signing Justice's Name";"


      I am trying to create a fillable form, the way the form is created it has the fields throughout the sentences like the example below:


      I, "Member's Name", am the ....


      I have used the following script so that the person filling the form would be able to see it as soon as they open the document (rather than being a blank field with a tool tip)


      if (!event.value) {

          event.value = "Signing Justice's Name";

          event.target.display = display.noPrint;

      } else {

          event.target.display = display.visible;




      My question is how would I script in Arial with a pt size of 11 - the current sizing for the above script is wrong.


      Ps.Just to clarify I have set up each field as Arial 11pt so when the client fills the form it is proper, but the initial display of the field is the wrong size.