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    GPU features turn off with Cintiq Pro 16 plugged through 2nd Nvidia GPU (4-screen setup)




      I have a 3-monitor setup + Cintiq Pro 16 (3440x1440 screen, 1920x1200 screen, 1280x1024 screen and Cintiq's 4K screen). My Windows 10 PC runs with two ASUS GTX970 STRIX in SLI (I use "Activate all displays" mode in Nvidia SLI config). 3 of my screens run off of 1st GPU, while Cintiq OR main ultrawide display runs on 2nd GPU's DisplayPort (each GPU has only 1 DP so I have to use both of them for my monitors).


      In this setup, my Photoshop switches off GPU features completely if I place it on Cintiq screen, stating that "Could not complete your request because it only works with OpenGL enabled document windows" if I try to e.g. rotate the picture. If I put PS on my main display, not Cintiq, GPU features (image rotation etc) will work no prob. I have tried connecting Cintiq to my main GPU, while connecting the ultrawide display to the second GPU. Same thing. Apparently, 4 displays make Photoshop switch off GPU rendering no matter what


      What do I do with this situation? It is clear that my GPUs can handle Photoshop features, and it is quite frustrating not being able to use certain key stuff like HUD color picker and image rotation.