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    Extrem long time to export the Site/Responsive/6 Breakpoints - files on NAS

    marcelb82743281 Level 1



      i am using the last Muse Beta Version, cause the last Update got to much Bugs.


      I create a new site. Start it with Muse Beta. It is responsive with 6 Breakpoints.
      I got now 37 pages. Each got a few pics and text. On self hosted font type.

      The files i am working with, are on my Synology NAS. All my project are there, and i am working like this since 1,5 Years and it works usually perfect, cause the NAS ist very fast.


      But with this Version, it is horrible to export the Site.

      To export the Site it tooks always between 4 and 10 Minutes, sometimes even longer.


      Anybody got an solution? it is horrible to work with if you need to wait 10 Minute to export the files.