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    certain dialog boxes persist on screen even after they've been closed

    marks60810224 Level 1

      Certain dialog boxes still display on screen even after I've closed them. They are actually closed, and whatever action they were to perform has been performed, but they still linger on screen.


      For example, if I save a tif, then at the TIFF Options dialog box, I click 'OK' and the file saves and the dialog box is actually closed but it APPEARS still, then I click somewhere else in Photoshop (like my last entry in the History list or whatever) and the dialog box then disappears. I have to click somewhere outside the dialog box to make it go away. Pretty annoying when I'm doing a lot of work in the program.


      I guess it's a graphics issue with the computer?  It seems the computer graphics itself is not "refreshing" to show the Photoshop window without the already closed dialog box.


      Any thoughts on how to make this stop?