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    Screen readers, accessibility and HTML5 Canvas animations


      Hi all,

      using Adobe Animate are there any ways to make the textual content accessible for screen readers or alternatively are there other features to improve accessibility e.g. can you add alt tags or similar?


      I use Animate to make HTML5 compatible animations and interactive infographics,


      thanks for any assistance,


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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Not the exact answer to your question, but the limits of accessibility in Adobe Animate have been elucidated in this article.


          Creating accessible content in Adobe Animate CC


          Let me know if that helps.




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            You are an idiot.  You provided a reference for accessibility that is for everything related to Flash and ActionScript not HTML5 CANVAS for which georgeh59 asked about.  Go to your reference and search for HTML5 and/or Canvas, results 0!  Now that Flash is going away by 2020, Adobe Animate and Adobe Captivate will have a very short life span without the capability of accessibility.  Both products has failed accessibility standards and will no longer be valuable asset for production.  So when Flash goes away, so will those products that solely rely on HTML5 Canvas.  Why? Because they are not easy to modify in order to add accessibility capabilities.


            I am curious, who marked your post as the correct answer?






            P.S. If you want to talk about this, you have my profile email me.

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