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    Adobe Muse will not Sync with Online Web Versions - All Sites

    a5tranger Level 1

      After having to recover my MacBook Pro's entire system using a month old Time Machine Backup yesterday ( thanks to the car crash of the High Sierra installer bricking my Mac ) I have lost a months worth of work on all of my Muse Sites. I wasn't too worried as I was told that it would simply be a case of syncing each site with its respective online 'Web Version'. Adobe Muse should then update and all my past months efforts would be returned and Muse would have up to date versions locally on my Mac. Excellent plan indeed.


      Nope!.... Not one. 


      Not a single site (out of twenty!) will allow me to 'Sync with Web Version...'


      This is an absolute nightmare that I find myself in and having crawled the Adobe forums can find no resolution even though this problem has been reported many times.


      If there is anyone at all ( Adobe!!?? ) who may be able to offer a solution here I would be eternally grateful. It is going to be virtually impossible for me to recreate all the changes and edits that have been made over the last month let alone even find what they were.


      I am in a deep, deep hole. Can any body Help.....!!?