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    Logo staying within the animation


      Hi I am a begginer wits after fx. I just want to use Lower 3rds templates and then use in premiere. This all works fine apart from the logo picture which appears within the lower third title template. This I can change BUT my logo doesn't move with the animation when it plays. It is just stuck in a static place. obv I want it to move and be locked inside the animation. Any advice most welcome! Lawrence, London UK

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sorry, you have not given us anything to work with. I could even go so far as to say that I don't understand what you even mean - "moving with the animation" could mean a million things from pre-composing items so they appear as a single layer to parenting to expressions to specific matte techniques and effects to basic stuff like keyframeing it separately. As a minor do us the courtesy and provide a) a link to the template you are using and b) screenshot(s) of your current state of progress and perhaps make an effort to use better terminology based on the clues and hints I sprinkled into my reply.



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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hi LDS123,

            Still having trouble creating this animation? Let us know steps you are still having trouble with or if you have succeeded.