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    Signature with certificates based on ECC failed

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      I have a digital certificate based on ECC and I wanna use it to sign documents on Adobe Reader DC version 15.023.20070. The curve use is the P256 from the NIST.


      My certificate is recognized when I add it in the Digital ID and Trusted Certificates menu.


      When I try to sign a document and I choose this certificate, I have an error when I lauch the signature process. I can read the following message :

      "Creation of this signature could not be completed

      Size limit error

      Error encountered while BER decoding"


      The last message (BER decoding) seems to be linked with a communication to a smartcard but I have not a smartcard. My certificate is a P12 files protected by a password.


      When I make the same signature process with a certificate based on RSA, I have not any issue.


      Is there particular things to do to make a siganture with a certificate based on ECC?