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    Photoshop freezes Remote Session


      Hi everyone,


      we use Creative Cloud on an Windows Terminal Server (2012 R2 Standard). One user had a problem with the clone stamp. When she activate the clone stamp with a bigger size like 4000 or 5000, the remote session freeze. Then our it support has to disconnect the session of the user.

      After reconnect she can use the Photoshop again till she uses the clone stamp with an bigger size.


      The Creative Cloud and Windows are up to date.


      Any ideas?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You are simply exhausting the resources of your GPU acceleration. I mean, clone brushes with 4000 px radius? RLY? Each of those stamps and the preview alone could easily gobble up a ton of video RAM, virtual or real. So basically there's your answer - if she realyl has to do these kinds of demanding tasks, better set aside a real workstation with a beefy graphics card.