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    Global color swatches for flash?

    john isaacks Level 1

      I just skinned a set of components last night, and it took me over a couple hours, and this was just a simple theme. This is kind of rediculous when almost all the elements are going to be the same colors anyways, but I have to keep clicking on elements deep within elements and changing the colors.

      In adobe illustrator there are whats called global color swatches, that if you change the color of that swatch all the elements colored by that swatch change too. I think if this were incorporated into flash it would be easy to skin an entire set of components in just a couple of clicks.

      I would like to see this feature in future flash releases.

      until then does anyone know of a way to fastly skin an entire component set, instead of manually skinning each component? or is there a library of free skins for flash components somehere?