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    Strange dark muddy color on brush edge?


      Hi guys,


      I'm new here. I hope someone can help me. Im making some kind of wallpaper image in 2000x2000pixels size. I have used 2 realistic brushes from a pack I bought. THey have bright colors. But when the 2 brushes overlap there is s strange dark blue edge on the pink brush edge which looks muddy and not right. It almost looks like a drop shadow, while there is no effect on the layer.

      This is what im talking about: https://i.imgur.com/albvjU4.png and here even more zoomed in https://i.imgur.com/OKKXoyS.png


      How can I make sure this strange dark blue edge doesnt appear? I want it to be as slick as possible, no color changes like this. Just pink on blue.