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    Grab or drag layer to upward desire layer in same document

    gomax Level 1

      So here is condition ,Suppose i have a 1000 of layer in document



      i want to drag aa layer to upward the dd layer ,In image it show simple but if u have 1000 of layer it would difficult to grab or drag layer upward to desire layer.i know there is a shortcut  like ctrl+[  something but it take lots time to drag layer upward to desire layer several time pressing this shortcut because this shortcut not working function like holding ctrl and +[ button and the layer goes automatically upward,if u did not use like this.. experiment yourself ...in my case  this condition occurs several time,if any script or free extension let me know.it will helpful for me and this is my first post in adobe community . i try a lot search forum but i did not find answer ..no one have issue like this strange for me...