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    Is This Possible?

      I purchased a Flash map of my state, which has really nice color changes as you roll the mouse over the different counties, and I want to know if I can do more. The Flash map will be presented in a table cell on my home page, and in an adjacent table cell I want to have an iframe that will display demographic information about each county.

      Is there a way to add the Action scripts to load a URL into the iframe on mouseover, and return to the default URL on mouseout? Can I also have an Action to load and keep the URL in the iframe on a mouse click? I am having trouble within my Flash MX program to find how to add these Actions, and if it is even possible.

      One final question... is the command: "on (release)" referring to the mouse rolling outside the button area, or the release of the mouse button? Very confused.

      Thanks for any help.