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    static references to images

      Adobe RoboHelp 7 creates static references for images I import into my webhelp pages. Aside from manually converting the references to relative references, how can I get RH7 to correctly reference my images?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there

          I'm not sure what's up with your version of RoboHelp 7. Maybe it's how you are inserting images? I've never known RoboHelp to ever really create absolute references to images. It has always been quite adept at creating relative references.

          Are you absolutely certain absolute references are being created? I ask, because when you initially select an image by browsing to it, the reference may look like an absolute reference until you click OK to commit the information to the page. If you examine the properties later, the image has been copied to the project and bears a relative path.

          Cheers... Rick