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    .mov files as frames in Flash CS3


      I read on the internet the other day about a guy who used Flash CS3 and he said that when he imports .mov files into flash, every single frame from the movie comes up as individual frames in his Flash. Is this true? Does anybody know how I could do this? I've tried a bunch of different things, but nothing seems to do the trick. Once I import an movie/animation (.avi og .mov file), it becomes ONE single frame in Flash ..

      Any advice will be much appreciated! Thank you!
      Best Regards - Alec
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          I'm not sure what the advantage of importing frame by frame content of a video would be, but maybe you can try this:

          Import your video as usual making sure to embed it. When you go to export movie, export it as a series of images (be careful if the video is long, you will have a ton of images being exported - maybe make a folder just for this), then you can open a new flash document and choose to import the first image in that series to the stage, flash will recognize there is a series of images and ask if you want to import the whole series, choose yes. This should give you the outcome mentioned before. Otherwise, I think the only frame by frame import into flash would be from another swf file, animated gif (that I know of).