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    Strange margin around CFTEXTAREA


      I was trying the richtext editor with CFTEXTAREA. Locally everything works perfect, but when I try it online on a dutch provider (www.webstekker.nl) I get a strange problem:

      There is a margin visible around the editor. To make it extra visible I put a red backgroundcolor color around it, and you see that there is a margin in the Iframe of the editor. when I load the testpage in Firefox, it is even worse. There the entire background is shining thru the editor. Locally, I have no problem with a standard installation.

      It looks like every script is accessable in the CFIDE folder, so I'm really puzzled. Does anyone have an idea?

      example: http://www.beau-anne.nl/test.cfm

      <!--- ---------------------------- --->

      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript">
      function FCKeditor_OnComplete(editorInstance)
      editorInstance.Config["ToolbarSets"]["BasicMin"] = [

      editorInstance.EditorWindow.parent.FCK.ToolbarSet.Load('BasicMin' ) ;

      <td style="background-color:red;">
      <cfform method="POST" action="" name="testform">
      <cftextarea name="content" richtext="true" toolbar="Basic" width="500"></cftextarea>
      <!--- ---------------------------- --->