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    flash contact form

      quick question: how do you remove the text formatting/html code from input text fields that have the anti-alias for readability option selected? i have always used bitmap fonts in my input fields when dealing w/ flash contact forms and everything's worked fine, but now i'm using anti-alias for readability text and messages sent from my contact form show up like this:
      <TEXTFORMAT LEADING=\"2\"><P ALIGN=\"LEFT\"><FONT FACE=\"Century Gothic\" SIZE=\"11\" COLOR=\"#CCCCCC\" LETTERSPACING=\"0\" KERNING=\"0\">testing</FONT></P></TEXTFORMAT>

      i figured it out:
      i was using a var to transfer text in and out of each input text field, which seems to be good for everything except the sending of the variable contents to the php file. so, after validation, i just sent the contents of the text field instead of the contents stored in the memory location indicated by the var (i.e. firstName.text instead of the var firstNameContent). hope this helps anyone else who has ran into this.