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    how to read data from serial port


      I want to read data from serial port by using expressions (or script, does not matter) for attaching them to a null or somthing else in realtime.

      is any solution for this?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It's not possible. AE doesn't support any realtime input, being that it itself is not very realtime. If you want that functionality, you have to write a real plug-in that takes care of all the system and driver stuff but even then you would be limited to pre-recording the info internally in your plug-in and fetching it to AE based on pre-determined cycles similar to a RAM preview, when your plug-in is done gathering the data, by creatively playing with the comp update commands and possibly widget drawing options or creating your own capture window. This is a lot more complicated than you may think and nothing you can just whip up with scripts or expressions.