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    Repeat tile


      Hi, I've been making repeat patterns with Capture CC. I'm hoping there's a way to subtract a single repeat tile from these in either Ai or Ps. It's one thing to have a gorgeous repeating pattern, but to get one of these printed, for my purposes, I need it to be a single tile that the printing software can repeat itself. Can this be done? Cheers.

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          emilywonder Level 1

          Is it possible to undo this, as I'm sure a tile can not be made in Capture, but it could possibly be done in CC, which is why I chose that topic.

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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hey Emily.


            I'm sorry for not posting sooner.


            This really is a Photoshop question and probably shouldn't have been moved, especially since I don't know Ps well at all, but I did reach out to a handful of people who know Photoshop backwards and forwards and they had a process you can try.


            Before that, though, a quick question, Do you use the Creative Cloud versions of the desktop apps? I'm asking for a couple of reasons:

            1. You'll need to be using Photoshop CC to access the Pattern in the Libraries panel.

            2. In Capture, there's a feature (Export As Pattern Tile) for Creative Cloud subscribers, that might be useful to you. To access it, tap on a Pattern in your library. At the bottom of the next, Preview screen, tap on the Share icon (square with an arrow). Then from the pop-up menu choose Export As > Project Tile. See if that gives you something you can work with.


            Let me know if you're using Photoshop CC and I'll post the instructions from the Photoshop engineer.



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              Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

              If, as Sue asked, you do indeed have the Desktop CC version of Photoshop installed, you can do this:


              Open the Libraries panel in Photoshop, right-click on the pattern you're interested in, and choose "Create Pattern Preset" from the pop-up menu. Now look in Edit > Presets > Preset Manager and choose Patterns for Preset Type. Find the desired pattern, and hover the mouse over it. You will see the dimensions in pixels of one tile. NOTE: you must have Show Tool Tips checked in the prefs to see this.


              Make a note of these dimensions, and click Done. make a new doc with these dimensions, and Edit > Fill, Contents = Pattern, choose your pattern, and click OK. You will now have a doc with a single tile in it.


              I find that most of my patterns created with Capture are one of only a few different sizes, depending on if the patterns are rectangular or hexagonal, so you can set up some New Document presets for these sizes.

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                emilywonder Level 1

                Thank you Sue! I'll give this a go as soon as I have a chance! I am using Ps CC, so I'm hopeful, between this and what @Semaphoric has written. Thank you!

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                  emilywonder Level 1

                  I should have mentioned I have imported the library to Ps, and found that even just opening the library in the right hand panel  all I had to do was click on a thumbnail and it would automatically pattern fill the page, giving me the option to scale in the same manner as if I'd chosen the New Pattern Fill option. Sorry if terminology isn't spot on, going from memory here. I look forward to trying this later! Thank you both!

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                    emilywonder Level 1

                    Thank you!

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                      Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                      Let me know if it works. Semaphoric's steps were a lot shorter than those I got from the Ps engineers so try those first. If those don't work, I'll post what I have.



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                        Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

                        If you had to do this a lot, you could make a script that would harvest the patterns from the Photoshop prefs, or better, from the CC Libraries, and make and save a doc with just those tiles.


                        And while I'm blue-skying here, why not be able to save Pattern Presets to the Library, like you can with Brush Presets?

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                          emilywonder Level 1

                          understand what you're saying, and agree this would be a great idea, but you lost me at script. I'm sure there's terminology to differentiate people who are confident using software and people who are confident adjusting and enhancing software. I'd not count myself in that latter category.

                          But I think, if I can sort this out, I know someone who would happily show me how to do that.

                          Just arrived at work. I'll be trying these things out tonight or tomorrow morning! Thank you both, again    

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                            emilywonder Level 1

                            Semaphoric, I just followed your instructions, and they worked! I'm super stoked! I love that there's people out there who are not just passionate but love to share their knowledge to help other people solve their problems! Thank you so much, and also Sue Garibaldi! You guys are legends! Cheers!

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                              Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

                              Thank you very much!