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    Help with Configs for new build for a newbie!


      Hi guys!


      So i've been editing on my macbook pro for a while and just now I bought a new pc mainly for gaming but I really wanted to take advantage of the power for editing as well!


      Could you guys help me in what configs of Premiere I should go since I know nothing about this hahaha. For instance, I've just changed my render to CUDA because I didn't had a clue about that.


      I've also heard that h264 is bad for rendering with my hardware, and I would like to know if there is a better codec! I edit simple stuff for my tiny channel in Youtube!


      Thanks for the help!


      My new PC:


      Ryzen 7 1700NVIDIA GTX 1080ti

      16gb DDR4 RAM 3200mhz(running at 2933mhz)

      2tb HDD (will be adding a SSD next week!)


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