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    MacBookPro8,2 and GPU Acceleration (or lack thereof)


      I am hoping to run Premiere Pro CC (2017) on a 2011 MacBookPro8,2.  It's a quad core 2 GHz Intel Core i7, with the following graphics cards:


      AMD Radeon HD 6490M

      Intel HD Graphics 3000


      Currently it's only got 4 GB RAM, thinking to upgrade to 16.


      I haven't installed Premiere yet as I figure the RAM will be completely insufficient to run the program at all at the moment.  But in advance of that upgrade, wondering how much I'm going to be limited by my graphics cards.  I see neither of them on Adobe's list of cards that support GPU Acceleration.  I have read that some graphics cards support it that are not on the list, but with the age of this machine I'm guessing I am probably not lucky enough to have one of those cards.


      I know that GPU Acceleration is "optional," but I'm curious what I'll be lacking without it.  I currently have Premiere set up on an old MacPro tower that supports GPU acceleration... is there a way to just turn it off and see how it runs?  I'm kind of unclear as to whether GPU acceleration only comes into play in very specific process heavy circumstances (rendering, exporting), or whether it is in constant use during playback and editing.


      One thing that seems obvious I'll lose is the Mercury Transmit playback option, which I use all the time on my tower.  But on my laptop, I'm pretty sure I can live without it.  For my current use on the laptop, I don't anticipate needing to do many effects, or much rendering, mostly a whole lot of reviewing footage (HD and lower resolutions), and some basic editing.  Think I can get by?




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