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    Script to Batch Rename Layers/Artboards with Search/Replace Function?


      So, I have been spoiled by an After Effects plugin called AE Global Renamer (AEGR) and was wondering if Illustrator had a plug in or script that could do something similar. The beauty of AEGR is that it allows you to search a consistent variable and replace it globally (please check out the example below):


      I’ve search the threads and the closest thing I’ve found was a cool plugin by Qwertyfly... that allows you to batch rename artboards. Though, the script is restricted to artboards (it would be great if it could rename layers) and doesn’t really have a search/replace option (or I'm not using it correctly):




      If any of you know of something that can Batch Rename Layers/Artboards with a search/replace function that would be great!




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