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    Cannot Save or get to My Themes

    MAHStudio Level 1

      When I try to save or go to My Themes, the system tells me to sign in, even though I am already signed in.  I tried logging out and back in and that did not help the issue.  I am on a MAC OS 10.12.6 using Google Chrome in the U.S.A. username is mahalstead@truvista.net

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          jain22rohit Adobe Employee

          May you try following and share your feedback accordingly:

          1. May you try clearing your browser cache or try incognito mode.

          2. Make sure your browser is updated.

          3. Try it on some other browser i.e. either Safari Firefox.



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            Ivor_J Level 1

            First time that I tried color.adobe.com was today, and I cannot save any color theme. I see a message of 'Script…Void(0)' when I hover the mouse over the SAVE button. I've the same problem whether I use Safari, Chrome, or Firefox on my iMax using El Capitan. All web browsers have been updated as of Nov. 2, 2017, and I've cleared cache and history, which of course forces me to log in with my Adobe ID. I've tried the icognito mode using Chrome, and I have the same problem where I can't save the color theme.



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              Ivor_J Level 1

              I must add that when I activated the Adobe Color Theme extension within Photoshop on my iMac, the last color theme that I created via the website was there in the extension window.